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Sculptor Denny Pizzini, an avid history buff, draws his inspiration from classic WWII aircraft "Nose Art." For Pizzini this is no fleeting interest. In the 1950's, he spent four years stationed on a U.S. Strategic Air Command Base as the Crew Chief on a B-36 in the 70th Bomb Squadron. It was there that he gained first hand experience painting popular "pin-up girls" onto B-36 bombers. Returning home to New York City with no aircraft noses to paint, he transformed his favorite pin-up girls into sculptures, creating a handful for friends and family.

In the Late-90s Pizzini resumed his sculpture-making with his signed edition "dennydolls" ©. Scupltures are cast in either resin or cold-cast bronze and are finished and painted completely by hand. Each is signed and dated by the artist.



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Barbie Darby
Carlos Gardel


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